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Group 14

Accelerate your appraisal process with JaroBoost

JaroBoost automatically pulls all public record data for a property and pre-fills your reports, allowing you to focus on the nuanced valuation tasks. Boost allows integrated report templates which gives appraisers the ability to instantly launch a pre-loaded report with data, documents, and statements.

Group 17

No need to navigate between multiple platforms or tools.

Built within the Jaro ecosystem: enjoy a seamless user experience as our solution is designed within the Jaro ecosystem. No need to navigate between multiple platforms or tools; everything you need is all in one place.

Group 16

Leverage the power of AI technology to help determine property quality and condition ratings

Jaro's AI technology for quality and condition ratings will assist you in accurately evaluating a property's current state. Saving you time and enhancing the quality of your reports.

Group 16-1

A comprehensive mobile inspection solution designed for intuitive and effortless data collection

With this powerful tool, users can effortlessly gather information, capture photos, draft sketches, and create floor plans in a seamless, form-free process. Designed for ultimate efficiency, it's the perfect companion for eliminating the manual task of data upload. As an added bonus, JaroInspect is directly integrated with JaroDesk, automatically embedding your collected data into your report for a streamlined, efficient workflow. 

Nationwide Property Data

Our MLS feature is created specifically for appraisers. Search for comparables nationwide using filters and parameters that align with your appraisal needs, not just what's typically available on agent-facing MLS systems and public record data. 

Built-in Zoning Integration

We've made it easy for you to access critical zoning data. With our built-in nationwide zoning integration, assess property potential and restrictions without having to switch between systems or databases.

Adjustment Tools

Make quick and accurate adjustments across large data sets with our adjustment tools. Apply market derived adjustments consistently across your comparables, ensuring reliable and supportable appraisal reports.

Appraisal Software Integrations

Jaro is designed to work seamlessly with your existing appraisal software. Import and export data without the need for manual entry, allowing you to focus more on analysis and less on data input.

Smart Addendum Commentary

Our smart addendum feature provides automatic commentary based on your report inputs. This helps to enhance the depth and completeness of your reports, while also saving you time by reducing manual commentary writing.

Team Collaboration

Work better together with your appraisal team by adding multiple vendors to a single order. This feature facilitates seamless cooperation, keeping everyone involved, informed and up-to-date.

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