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deliver with Jaro
Jaro comes with a set of communication tools that let you manage all client, vendor and borrower messages for every step in the order lifecycle.
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Deliver the value, communicate the value.

Jaro is built to deliver on the needs of lenders and AMCs who know how important it is to keep everyone informed.

Order updates to everyone
Share order updates across lender, client, appraiser and borrower audiences, seamlessly through one system.
Automate or don't
Trigger email and messaging from order events, or go for a custom message when it is needed.
Smart Snippets
Snippets can be built out and saved so you can unify your communication approach, and maintain your brand voice.
Audience Specific
Tailor your messages to each audience. Track open rates and delivery through the Jaro platform
Audit Logs
All notes, tasks, dates and time stamps are stored on each order, along with messages sent, for audit and compliance.

Order Insights Into Action

Pull in the right data for an order, appraiser or lender then convert this into simple email communications at scale.

Templates For Every Workflow

Use out of the box, best in class email and client follow up messages.

Customized Snippets

Push client data into messages and drive engagement across your platform.

Automate your follow up messages

Jaro comes with messaging tools to keep everyone in sync at every stage of an order.
Real time triggers and actions can put certainty into the process for clients.

Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish.
Recorded Demo
Client Communication for Appraisal Management - Product Demo
Watch a product expert demo the core client and order communications features of the Jaro Platform.

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Jaro is built for lenders and AMCs to deliver quality appraisal outcomes.

Build better relationships with Jaro.

With customizable panels, automatic assignments, performance management, and scorecarding, JaroDesk helps you streamline your vendor management process and make better, data-driven decisions.

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Automate your workflow at scale.

Take back control of your desk workflow with powerful Jaro automations and control. Build a best-in-class automation toolkit for your appraisal desk with JaroBots.

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Measure the complexity of appraisal assignment.

AssignIQ is a data model that predicts issues ahead of appraisal assignment. Give your clients greater certainty, and reduce price adjustment shock.

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Build a high velocity appraisal  desk with Jaro

1# appraisal platform for lenders, AMCs and staff firms

Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Jaro improve client communication?

Updating and reporting order workflow through Jaro’s client communication tools ensures a seamless client experience, reducing stress for both parties. Our tools are designed to deliver excellent customer service at every order lifecycle stage.

R‍eal Value. Real Fast.

Jaro is the only end-to-end platform for high end lender and AMC workflows.
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