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Jaro streamlines the creation and management of your vendor profiles, allocation to panels and performance benchmarking for appraisers, data collectors and agents.
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Manage your panel so you can deliver.

Track turn times, delivery rates and revision requests across your vendor network, so you always hit your client SLAs

Appraiser Management
Onboard new vendors and manage your panel directives with automated signup flows
Payment handling
Jaro lets vendors sign up and define payment preferences with you. Put your payroll on autopilot
Notification controls
Ensure messages and emails get to your vendors. Control when they are notified on key order lifecycle updates. Track email open rates and more
Track Performance
Track key metrics for vendors such as trailing turn time, Revision rates and more so you can benchmark you vendors and meet client deadlines.
Map It Out
Jaro comes with simple mapping and distince rule sets, so you can estimate delivery and sequence orders based on your needs.

Vendor Management

Jaro has built in vendor management tools to speed up your workflow. Allow users to set vacation days, availability, coverage areas and qualifications so panel assignment is a breeze.

Exceptional Customer Communication

Jaro comes with messaging tools to keep everyone in sync at every stage of an order.
Real time triggers and actions can put certainty into the process for clients.

Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish.

Prediction for Better Customer Outcomes

Jaro ships with an assignment prediction scoring system that lets you know ahead of time how hard it will be to deliver an appraisal.
Called AssignIQ, it takes into account the core data needed to predict the impact on cost, Turn Time and revision likelihood - ahead of time.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I ensure quality and compliance when using panels in Jaro?

Jaro allows you to set specific criteria and qualifications for panel members, which helps ensure that only competent and qualified professionals handle your appraisal orders. Additionally, you can monitor the performance and compliance of panel members through Jaro’s tracking and reporting features. Regular reviews and updates of panel criteria based on industry standards and regulatory changes also help maintain high levels of quality and compliance in the appraisal process.

Can I adjust the distribution of orders among panel members in Jaro?

Yes, in Jaro, you can develop a distribution strategy across your panel members to ensure that no individual member is overloaded, which can help maintain consistent turnaround times. This distribution can be adjusted based on current workloads, member availability, or specific project needs, providing flexibility and efficiency in order management.

How does auto-assignment of orders work in Jaro?

Jaro's auto-assignment feature enables you to automatically assign orders to appropriate panel members based on predefined criteria within your panels. This automated process helps ensure that orders are quickly assigned to the most suitable professionals, reducing manual efforts and accelerating the appraisal process.

What are panels in Jaro?

In Jaro, panels are groups of appraisers, AMC partners, or other professionals organized to deliver reports and inspections. These panels allow you to manage and distribute work efficiently across a network of skilled professionals, ensuring timely and accurate order fulfillment.

How can I create and manage panels in Jaro?

You can build and manage panels in Jaro by navigating to the panel management section of the platform. Here, you can add or remove panel members, define the criteria for panel assignments (such as geographic location or certification level), and customize the distribution of orders to avoid overloading panel members. This helps maintain balanced workloads and optimal turnaround times.

What are the benefits of using panels in Jaro for appraisal management?

Using panels in Jaro helps streamline the appraisal management process by organizing a network of professionals who can be quickly and effectively assigned to new orders. It enhances the speed and accuracy of appraisals, ensures a balanced workload among appraisers, and allows for scaling operations as order volumes change. Panels also enable more consistent communication and performance monitoring, leading to overall improvements in service delivery.

What types of panels can I create in Jaro?

In Jaro, you can create various types of panels based on specific needs and the types of loans you are processing. For example, you can establish panels based on geographical criteria like country, state, or city, or on professional qualifications such as jumbo, higher-level certification, or specific appraiser types. This customization allows for more targeted assignments and improved efficiency in handling orders.

How do I handle changes in panel composition or criteria in Jaro?

Changes in panel composition or criteria can be managed directly within the panel management section of Jaro. You can add new members, remove inactive ones, or update the assignment criteria as needed based on evolving business requirements or market conditions. This flexibility ensures that your panels remain effective and relevant over time.

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