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Jaro runs and automates the payments and accounting process for any appraisal process. Take payments, distribute checks, run payroll and automate your finances.
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Reduce the overheads and headaches in your appraisal finance workflow.

Automate and deliver exception customer and vendor experience with payroll, borrower payments and more.

Any Payment Type
Bring your own payment gateway or use ours, send checks, take client credit card payments all within a secure environment.
Secure and Audited
Rest assured, Jaro has SOC Type 1  certification, which is a third party industry standard audit of our internal controls for financial reporting and data.
Payments + Automation
Payment requests can be linked up to JaroBot automation and our client communication features. Send payment links and reminders with ease.
Audit Trails and Logs
Ensure payment details, payments and receipts are all loaded and stored in one place.
Compliance Ready
All notes, tasks, dates and time stamps are stored on each file, giving compliance and legal surety and a reduction in risk.

Split Fees and Team Assignment

Create an array or dollar value or % fee split across your team. Create rule sets for order types and roles to execute complex payment workflows with ease.

Financial Management for Appraisals

Jaro comes with built in financial management features so you can run all of your payments and reporting.

ACH, CC, Check
Push payments to appraisers, take CC from borrowers, or bill direct to clients when needed. Setup and automate payment logic easily.
Client Directives
Embed the payment and billing preferences of lenders or clients. Run automated billing or payment logic at scale.
Compliance and Regulations
Jaro helps you stay compliant with W9, EIN, tax and other records stored and referenced for financial controls and compliance reporting.
Schedule and Automate
Connect payments to automations, and requests so that your orders keep moving. Request CC payments when needed to drive an order forward to completion.
Secure and Audited
Jaro is audited and certified at the highest level for payments, processing and infosec standards that the banking and mortgage industry expects.
Branded Payment Links
Use branded payment links, with any appraisal payment request, so that borrowers know who is sending the payment request.

Payment requests your way

Use the built in payment pages and links branded to your company.
Jaro payment links can be set to reflect your branding, so borrowers know who is requesting payment and why.

Control when, and how payments are made.

Jaro puts your finance and office teams in control.
Use automated, and sequenced rules to run payroll and maintain compliance with state and federal regulations with the Jaro Payroll system.

Automate your repetitive tasks for payment request or follow ups with JaroBots.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the process for setting up and automating payment requests in Jaro?

Setting up and automating payment requests in Jaro involves connecting your preferred payment gateway, defining payment logic, and embedding client directives if applicable. You can schedule and automate these payment requests to coincide with specific stages of your appraisal processes, ensuring timely financial transactions and helping keep your orders moving forward efficiently.

How does Jaro handle payments to appraisers and billing to clients?

Jaro allows you to push payments to appraisers and bill clients directly as needed. Whether it's handling direct billing via credit card, ACH, or checks, or managing distributed payments according to client directives, Jaro provides a seamless solution. This capability ensures that all financial transactions are handled smoothly, aligning with the specific needs of your appraisal management operations.

How are automated payment links utilized in Jaro?

Jaro's automated payment links can be customized to include your company's branding, which helps reinforce your brand identity when sending out payment requests. These links make it easy for borrowers to understand who is requesting the payment and for what purpose, enhancing trust and clarity in financial transactions.

How does Jaro enhance compliance with its payment features?

Jaro helps ensure compliance through its robust data management system, which stores all notes, tasks, dates, and timestamps on each file. This storage capability provides a comprehensive audit trail that is essential for compliance and legal surety. Moreover, Jaro's compliance-ready features align with industry regulations, making it easier for you to adhere to legal standards and reduce risks associated with financial transactions.

How can I customize fee splits and team assignments in Jaro?

In Jaro, you can create complex payment workflows easily by defining rule sets based on order types and roles. This allows for the customization of fee splits, either by a percentage or a dollar value, across your team. Such configurations help ensure that payment distribution is handled efficiently and according to your specific operational needs.

How does Jaro handle client billing and payment requests?

Jaro allows for flexible client billing management. You can run billing, accept credit card payments, ACH, checks, or any combination thereof. Jaro supports embedding the payment and billing preferences of lenders or clients directly into the system, allowing for automated billing and payment logic at scale. Additionally, you can use Jaro's branded payment links, which are customizable to reflect your company's branding.

What are the benefits of using Jaro's financial management features for appraisals?

Jaro's integrated financial management features streamline the entire payments and accounting process. By automating tasks such as payment requests, payroll, and billing, Jaro helps reduce the time and effort typically required to manage finances in the appraisal process. This results in a more efficient workflow and an exceptional customer and vendor experience.

Can Jaro automate the payroll process?

Yes, Jaro can fully automate your payroll processes. You can set up automated, sequenced rules to manage payroll, ensuring compliance with state and federal regulations. This automation helps reduce the overhead and complexity of managing payroll manually, allowing your finance and office teams to focus on other tasks.

How does Jaro ensure the security and compliance of its payment processes?

Jaro has SOC Type 1 certification, ensuring that our internal controls for financial reporting and data security meet industry standards. Additionally, Jaro maintains rigorous audit trails and logs, and adheres to compliance and regulatory requirements with features like W9, EIN, tax records storage, and compliance reporting, reducing risk and enhancing legal surety.

What payment types does Jaro support?

Jaro supports various payment types, including ACH transfers, credit card payments, and checks. You can use your own payment gateway or opt for Jaro's integrated solutions, all within a secure environment. This flexibility allows you to handle payments according to your business needs and client preferences.

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