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QC Workflow

Manage your QC review order flow with ease using Jaro dashboards and automations.

Industry standard, business specific

Build in your business logic so appraisals are done to your needs. Lender, AMC or staff firm setup is managed with industry standard forms, products and directives built in.

QC on the Jaro Platform
The Jaro platform features a comprehensive Quality Control tool designed to streamline and enhance the value review process for appraisers and QC teams. The tool integrates several functionalities that ensure thorough and efficient management of appraisal reviews.
The QC tool also facilitates a side-by-side comparison of original and revised reports. This feature highlights any changes made by the appraiser, making it easier and quicker for reviewers to assess modifications. The visual comparison helps in ensuring that all alterations are accounted for and justified, thus speeding up the overall review process.
Bias and Health & Safety Word Checker
These checkers come pre-populated with a list of words to monitor, but they also offer the flexibility for users to add custom words to the list. The presence of these checkers helps reviewers identify and address any biased language or health and safety concerns in appraisal reports, thereby maintaining high standards of fairness and safety.
Customizable QC Tool
You have enhanced control over organizing your QC tool questions to suit your unique workflow. You can easily create and manage groups for your questions, effortlessly add new questions to these groups with options to apply specific criteria limitations, and seamlessly set and sort the order of questions within each group.
Prioritization of Orders
To optimize the workflow, the QC tool automatically prioritizes orders by bringing past-due orders to the top of the list. This ensures that the QC team focuses on the most urgent tasks first, enhancing efficiency and timeliness. Additionally, it can be customized to adjust the prioritization of the QC flow based on client or AMC needs, offering a tailored solution to different operational requirement.
Automated and Manual Checks
Jaro's QC tool is equipped with over 100 automated checks that run on each order. These checks verify specific conditions and identify any failed checks. Moreover, the tool allows for the manual addition of conditions that need verification, providing a comprehensive check mechanism.

Exceptional Customer Communication

Jaro comes with messaging tools to keep everyone in sync at every stage of an order.
Real-time triggers and actions can put certainty into the process for clients.

Keep everyone on the same page from start to finish.

Prediction for Better Customer Outcomes

Jaro ships with an assignment prediction scoring system that lets you know ahead of time how hard it will be to deliver an appraisal.
Called AssignIQ, it takes into account the core data needed to predict the impact on cost, Turn Time and revision likelihood - ahead of time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can the QC tool be used to track the status of reconsideration of value (ROV) requests?

The Jaro QC tool includes a full reconsideration of value process. There is a separate ROV dashboard that allows you to track ROV requests and manage them efficiently.

How does the QC tool handle biased or health and safety words in reports?

The QC tool includes a bias word checker and a health and safety word checker. It comes pre-populated with a list of words to check for, and you can add your own words to this list. These words are flagged for reviewers to address any biased language or health and safety concerns.

Are there customizable review settings for different lenders in Jaro?

In Jaro, you can customize reviews for different lenders by controlling the questions, limiting them by loan type, excluding specific lenders, and adding overlays for additional questions. You can also create specific review templates tailored to the requirements of individual lenders.

Can the QC tool highlight changes made in revised reports?

Jaro's QC tool provides a side-by-side comparison of the original and revised reports, highlighting any changes made by the appraiser, which speeds up the review process.

What automated checks does the QC tool run?

The Jaro QC tool runs over 100 automated checks on orders. These include verifying specific conditions, identifying failed checks, and allowing manual addition of conditions that need verification.

How does the QC function prioritize orders?

The QC function prioritizes orders by automatically bringing past due orders to the top, ensuring that your QC team works on the highest priority orders first. JaroDesk can be customized to change the prioritization of the QC flow depending on client, or AMC needs.

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