Predict appraisal
difficulty ahead of time.

An advanced prediction system that lets you know the difficulty to get an appraisal done, cost impact and Turn Time.
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AssignIQ by Jaro

Data prediction for better customer outcomes -AssignIQ uses rich data sets that predict the cost and time outcomes of appraisals.

Turn Time Prediction
AssignIQ gives you insight into the projected turn time of a given appraisal based on advanced data prediction.
Margin and Fee Management
Using AssignIQ you can be transparent and open about potential fee issues and increases before they become an issue with clients.
Improve Borrower Experience
Letting borrowers know ahead of time about the difficulty of an appraisal lets you get ahead of any issues and deliver a better outcome.
Jaro automatically segments properties and regions based on the difficulty of the property and the availability of appraisers.

Property Segmentation and Data Modelling

AssignIQ uses rich data sets that predict the cost and time outcomes of appraisals.
This analysis is then used to segment and predict how likely an appraisal will result in outcomes that negatively affect client or borrower experience, such as cost-revisions, or lengthy turn times.

Deliver certainty, get ahead of delays.

AssignIQ lets you get ahead of potential delivery delays, and issues, but guiding clients upfront about the difficulty of a property appraisal.

AssignIQ by Jaro
AssignIQ is a prediction engine built by Jaro to deliver insights on appraisal delivery ahead of assignment, using data modelling.
Recorded Demo
AssignIQ Product Demo
Watch a Jaro Product expert use AssignIQ to predict delivery times improve client experience in this product demo.
AssignIQ by Jaro: Revolutionizing Appraisal Management
A prediction engine to help lenders and AMCs build trust with clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Below are some of the usual questions, Book a Demo with us to dive in deeper.
Is AssignIQ suitable for all types of properties?

AssignIQ is designed to assess and predict the complexity of a wide range of property types, however it is only relevant to residential real estate properties, based on a corpus of prior residential property data.

Does AssignIQ provide suggestions for managing high-complexity appraisals?

While AssignIQ primarily predicts appraisal complexity, its insights can guide lenders and AMCs in allocating the right resources, adjusting fees appropriately, and managing timelines for high-complexity appraisals effectively.

Can AssignIQ help in improving the borrower experience?

By providing upfront insights into appraisal complexity and its impact on the process, AssignIQ enables lenders to set realistic expectations for borrowers, significantly enhancing the overall customer experience.

How can I start using AssignIQ?

AssignIQ is available as part of the JaroDesk platform. Book a demo to see how it can work for your company today.

How does AssignIQ impact the appraisal ordering process for lenders and AMCs?

AssignIQ streamlines the appraisal ordering process by offering early insights into potential complexities, allowing for better planning, accurate fee estimation, and improved turnaround times, thus optimizing operational efficiency.

How accurate is the complexity scoring system of AssignIQ?

The AssignIQ scoring system is highly accurate, employing advanced linear regression analysis to assess property complexity. It has been rigorously tested and refined to ensure its predictions reliably reflect real-world appraisal challenges.

What data sources does AssignIQ use to predict appraisal complexity?

AssignIQ leverages a variety of data sources, including historical appraisal data, current market trends, property characteristics, and the availability of appraisers in the area. This comprehensive approach ensures accurate complexity predictions.

Is AssignIQ integrated into JaroDesk?

Yes, AssignIQ is a fully integrated feature of JaroDesk, providing a seamless experience for managing property appraisals, combining order workflow with predictive tools.

How does AssignIQ categorize properties?

Properties are categorized into five complexity brackets based on their score: Easy (lowest 50%), Moderate (next 25%), Hard (next 15%), Very Hard (next 5%), and Exceptionally Hard (top 5%). This helps in understanding the effort and time required for an appraisal.

Who can benefit from using AssignIQ?

Both lenders and AMCs benefit from AssignIQ's predictive capabilities, particularly valuable for streamlining the appraisal process, reducing inaccuracies, and improving client satisfaction through better fee management and realistic timeline expectations.

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