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JaroBots are your secret weapon to accelerate your appraisal  desk workflow and catch any order before it becomes an issue.
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Automation sequences for every step in order lifecycle.

Rapid time to value
Jaro Automations get you up and running fast using pre-built flows, with easy customization.
Trigger on demand
Run when an event occurs with smart scheduling to pick up every event.
Easy to use
Point and click automation builder makes creating and editing easy.
Fully Customizable
Craft the perfect communication trigger or sequence from JaroBot building blocks
Connected Workflow
Integrate a JaroBot into each step of the order cycle and any trigger. Flexible and easy to adapt to your business.

Automate the entire order lifecycle

Customizable templates and flows make it easy to automate alerts, and actions at every step in the order lifecycle.

Automate your key processes quickly with 20+ pre-built templates.

Select a pre-built JaroBot template, quickly customize it to your needs in a few clicks. Templates are designed to match the key workflows needed by lenders, AMC or staff firm needs.

Trigger and schedule across your appraisal workflow.

Jaro automations help you get on top of your desk process and ensure nothing is missed.
Real-time sequencing of actions means you get hours back in the day and deliver for your clients.

Learn how automations work across the JaroDesk platform.

Transform your Appraisal Desk Workflow with Jaro Automation

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Frequently Asked Questions

Need to know more? Below are some of the usual questions, Book a Demo with us to dive in deeper.
How can I get started with JaroBots?

Getting started with Jarobots is easy. Simply log in to your account on our platform, navigate to the Tools area of JaroDesk, then select the JaroBots menu and get started. If you have any questions or need assistance, our support team is ready to help you maximize the benefits of automation.

How can JaroBots adapt to unique appraisal processes or requirements?

JaroBots’ flexibility allows them to adapt to unique processes or requirements through customizable triggers, actions, and conditional logic, providing a versatile solution for automating appraisal management tasks.

Can JaroBots be used to monitor and enforce compliance?

Yes, JaroBots can monitor for compliance-related triggers and send automated alerts for immediate review and action, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.

How do JaroBots manage appraisal order cancellations or changes?

JaroBots can automatically inform all parties involved via email about order cancellations or fee changes, ensuring transparency and avoiding potential disputes.

How can JaroBots enhance communication with borrowers?

JaroBots can automatically send emails to borrowers upon certain triggers, such as when a report is delivered or a property inspection is scheduled, enhancing transparency and improving the communication flow for lenders and AMC customers.

Can JaroBots facilitate payment and billing automations?

JaroBots can automatically send reminders about pending payments for orders on hold, and when combined with JaroDesk payment management features, ensures that appraisal orders proceed without unnecessary delays.

What advanced conditional automations can JaroBots perform?

JaroBots can execute advanced automations based on conditional data, like for example sending priority emails for rush appraisal orders, or alerts if an order has not been addressed for a set number of hours, ensuring timely order completion.

Can JaroBots handle order reassignments efficiently?

Absolutely. JaroBots can automate communications and update tags relevant to a new appraiser when an order is reassigned, keeping order information current and accurate.

Can JaroBots manage and update order statuses automatically?

Yes, JaroBots can automatically update order statuses based on specific triggers. For example, if the "Property Inspection Scheduled" trigger is activated, JaroBots can update the order status to "Appointment Set" and send a confirmation email to both the client and the borrower, ensuring everyone is up-to-date with the latest schedule.

How can Jarobots assist in ensuring quality control during the appraisal review process?

During the QC Review stage, Jarobots can be configured to automatically trigger a range or QC related tasks and workflows. Book a demo to learn more or watch one of our recorded demos in the resources section of the website.

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