Lender Features

AMC Features

Group 13

Unify payment links and create a seamless borrower experience.

Split payment links and be able to send one to the borrower and a co borrower to split. Borrower delivery is fully ECOA compliant. These are branch level settings allowing full customization.

Group 8

Accurate way to disclose a more accurate fee to the borrower up front. 

The AssignIQ score estimates the difficulty of getting an appraisal done based on a variety of factors including the property. By having this information early in the process, we can disclose better fees, set better expectations and enhance the lending experience.  

Group 12

Robust way to map any field including custom fields with our integrations.

If you have teams who work in Encompass, the way our integration works, users will not have to leave the LOS for any reason. Our system automatically creates the user according to their role assigned in Encompass.

Lender Workflow

Jaro offers robust options for lender workflows and lending channels. Our platform allows us to adjust and change things quickly. It gives countless options for how orders flow through the system. 


Our self-servicing reporting is deep and intuitive. You can customize screen and reports according to users and roles. You can create different KPI's on the same screen for comparisons and ultimate understanding of the appraisal performance.

User Mangement

Jaro's user management is intuitive and easy to maintain. We can create roles and have them assigned their permissions and notifications after creation. Jaro has some options of automatic creation if supported by your LOS.

Fee Schedules

Introducing our powerful Fee Schedules feature! With this tool, you can easily manage fees at any level you desire, giving you complete control over your pricing strategy. Say goodbye to the hassle of manually adjusting fees and hello to effortless compliance with our intuitive interface. With Fee Schedules, you can make fee increases in an instant, all while ensuring you remain fully compliant with industry regulations. It's time to take charge of your fees and streamline your pricing strategy with ease. 

Customizable Email Notifications

Create your own notification emails in our system to best fit your workflow. You can update the text, pull in order info, update your compliance verbiage to how ever your legal team perceives different situations.

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