The Property Data Collector Process with Jaro

Find out why it is easier and better to be a Jaro certified property data collector.
Tom Spencer
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Are you interested in becoming a certified property inspector with Jaro? The process might seem overwhelming at first, but it's actually a simple 3-step process. With support from the Jaro Team, you'll be on your way to a new career in no time.

Why Choose Jaro?

Jaro makes it easy to get certified to do PDC inspections. They provide the course, platform, and iOS app to make the process simple and straightforward. Lenders, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac have rules that need to be followed for these inspections, and Jaro ensures that you'll be fully compliant.

Step 1: Get Trained in Jaro Academy

The first step to becoming a certified data collector is to get trained in Jaro Academy. The PDC course has been designed to give you training that complies with all the necessary requirements. Simply sign up and start learning at www.jaroacademy.com.

Step 2: Complete a Background Check From JaroDesk

Once you have a profile on JaroDesk, you can order your background check directly from your profile page. This is a fast, simple, and cost-effective way to keep up with this requirement. Note that data collectors need an active background check every 12 months to complete orders. If you don't have a JaroDesk account yet, you'll receive an invite to create one. Login to your account at https://auth.jarodesk.com/login.

Step 3: Do a Dry Run using the JaroInspect App

After completing your training, you'll be assigned a test order to ensure that you can capture the right data and use the JaroInspect UPD app. This is the last step in the process, and you can do it on your own house, condo, or apartment. Once complete, you'll be ready to do inspections in your area.

What You'll Need

To use the JaroInspect - UPD app for inspections, you'll need an iPad Pro or iPhone Pro device with a LiDAR scanner for floor plan scanning. Make sure you have one of these devices before signing up, as you'll need it to complete the certification inspection at the end.

The Investment

To become certified, there is a course fee and a fee to complete a background check. Current pricing for the course is available when you visit the Jaro Academy link. Background checks are completed via the link on your JaroDesk profile once you complete your registration.

Is it Worth it?

Large lenders, mortgage companies, credit unions, and appraisal companies are completing almost 3,000 of these inspections per month across the USA. Each provider pays property data collectors directly, at different rates between $70 - $200 per inspection, depending on the location. You'll be able to manage your orders through JaroDesk once you're certified.

With Jaro, becoming a certified property inspector is a straightforward process that can lead to a rewarding career. Take the first step today and sign up for Jaro Academy!

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